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A Poem for Margaret 

Musical Companions


Upon Margaret Taylor’s retirement

from Shrewsbury Handbells

For many a year we’ve travelled o’er

Salopia from Clee to Woore,

In village halls our bells to chime,

Silently counting to keep in time.

Then, at last, the crowd’s ovation

At our harmonious tintabulation.


At rehearsals on a Friday night,

We’ve explored new melodies, despite

Changes of key and first time bars,

Mislaid bells, and odd time signatures

Like Gaudete, Margaret’s favourite, for sure,

5/4 4/4 2/4 5/4


Bali Ha’i we learnt to ring

And laughed in the Hall of the Mountain King.

In time we mastered Gymnopodie, too,

Though it sounded strange the first time through!

Thus, with handbells we have journeyed far,

E’en Mungu ibariki Afrika.


So, let us toast our honoured guest!

We’re gathered here at her behest. [and Roy’s, of course]

Long-standing member of our happy band,

Exponent of the 3-in-hand,

She surely will be greatly missed,

This well-travelled campanologist.


Bill Britnell, 5 January 2018

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